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Well, a bit of research later, it would appear that Matt lives in a condo at The Metropolitan in San Francisco. I don’t know what his apartment number is, but his domain registrations all point to: 355 1st Street San Francisco, CA 94105 The listed contact phone number is (877) 273-8550. His personal phone number […]

Well, it seems that we’ve been delisted as well. Mark, you really are something else. This blog certainly does not contain any mature content. None at all. Mark, what’s your excuse this time? I want a detailed excuse. I do. I’m fed up. We’re all fed up. Update: We haven’t been delisted from all tags—we’re […]

Janie’s created a graphic to protest WordPress censorship of blogs that aren’t even violating the Terms of Service. I followed suit by whipping up a graphic with a similar theme. Feel free to spread these graphics around, post them on your own blog or website, or even create one of your own! If you do […]

Janie received the latest salvo of vague WordPress bureaucratic poppycock. Mark responded to her earlier letter with the following: Hi, You are not violating the ToS. If you were, the blog would have been removed. All we have done is removed your blog from our tagging system to protect users who may inadvertently visit and […]

Matt, the ever prompt WordPress support guy, sent his response. In full: Hi, We are not censoring the blogs. We have taken a position that blogs which contain material which we determine is of a Mature nature will be removed from our tagging system. This does not affect search engines. Blogs marked Mature are open […]

Dear Matt, I, the creator of Censor This, am a concerned member of the WordPress community. The censorship of UDreamOfJanie and Kissing Corporal Kate—of and, respectively—appears to me as a dreadful stance for a company dedicated to the exercise of Free Speech to take. These blogs have violated none of your Terms of […]

WordPress has censored at least two blogs—UDreamOfJanie and Kissing Corporal Kate—containing writing of an adult nature. However, they contain no libelous content, no graphic nudity, no misleading tags or categories. The WordPress Terms of Service offer little insight as to why. You must not describe or assign keywords to your blog in a misleading or […]