WordPress Delists Censor This


Well, it seems that we’ve been delisted as well. Mark, you really are something else.

This blog certainly does not contain any mature content. None at all.

Mark, what’s your excuse this time?

I want a detailed excuse. I do. I’m fed up. We’re all fed up.

Update: We haven’t been delisted from all tags—we’re still on McCarthy—but even being removed from tags like Censorship is terrible. That’s what this is about. Censorship.

3 Responses to “WordPress Delists Censor This”

  1. Good luck. He’s ignoring me, Kate, and The Boy.


  2. Would “fascist” be too extreme?

  3. I think fascist barely covers it. It’s time to take this one step further. I’m going to find out where he lives and call him up.

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