Hunting The Matt-Wumpus


Well, a bit of research later, it would appear that Matt lives in a condo at The Metropolitan in San Francisco.

I don’t know what his apartment number is, but his domain registrations all point to:

355 1st Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

The listed contact phone number is (877) 273-8550. His personal phone number appears to be unlisted, but I’d bet that calling a few people in his building would yield someone who knows him.

Now, for the emails. From Matt’s FAQ:

Well, we both have 50 million email addresses, but I put the two tried and true ones on here. Please put the word “Webpage” somewhere in the subject header, so that we know that it’s not “junk mail”
Charleen (research, content, pictures):
Matt (web design, email requests, special features):

As usual, you might be able to get ahold of him via or

As a very last resort, public records searches turn him up quite handily. I just don’t feel like wasting my money on you quite yet Matt.

I’m sorry Matt. This is public information. You put it out there by registering several domain names and not opting in for privacy.

5 Responses to “Hunting The Matt-Wumpus”

  1. Hiya!

    I really appreciate the lengths to which you are willing to go on this.

    I must apologize for the delay in my response to this.

    My first gut reaction was that this was over the ethical line that I was willing to cross. But you have been so supportive of our cause, and so very kind to us, and so very vocal on our behalf, that I felt your idea deserved some careful consideration rather than an out-of-hand dismissal.

    After several days of the aforementioned careful consideration though, I believe I have to go with my initial response for two reasons.

    The first reason is an ethical one. I just don’t think that using that information (publicly available or otherwise) in the way you suggest would be a justifiable action. I would not want someone calling me on the phone to give me crap about something I said or did online, and so I would not do it to someone else.

    The second reason is one of efficacy. I don’t think it will get the response we’re looking for. At best it’ll just piss him off and close his mind further, and at worst it might result in legal action.

    As personally satisfying as it might be to piss him off, that’s really not our goal. Our goal is to get him and the rest of the McCartman “Respect My Authoritah” Censorship Board to stop de-listing blogs they personally find objectionable, and blogs that publicly disagree with them. I can’t see any way that this course of action would work in our favor, or further our aims.

    With that in mind, I have to ask that you not advocate this course of action on our behalf, though I would of course never suggest that you not follow your heart otherwise. You have to do what you think is right for you.

    But again, we are definitely grateful for all that you have done, and hope that you will continue to advance the cause of freedom of expression on our behalf as you have done thus far. Please do continue to remind everybody that if WordPress can silence us, they can silence anyone for anything on nothing more than a whim.

    Kisses to you,

    Great big, long, deep, tongue kisses.

  2. The point was not so much to harass him personally as to publish information that’s publicly available but potentially offensive. Sure, Mark sees this and goes, “Oh, I really don’t want people finding offensive NOW.” On the flip side, when he does that, he’s acting purely in his own self interest rather than “for the good of the community.”

    So which is it Mark, do you censor in your own self interest or for the good of the community? Or, is it some inscrutable arbitrary combination?

    Sounds like you might have PMS.

  3. Ok, I see where you’re going with it now. I guess I was missing the point.

    Sounds like you might have PMS.

    I’m hoping that was directed at Mark…


  4. Quite, yes. Not at you. Terribly sorry if it came off that way.

  5. I was just being a smart ass, Joseph.

    I know this is big news to the world, but I can be a little sassy sometimes!

    In other amazing and little known news, the sun will come up tomorrow.


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