WordPress Defends Censorship


Janie received the latest salvo of vague WordPress bureaucratic poppycock.

Mark responded to her earlier letter with the following:

You are not violating the ToS.
If you were, the blog would have been removed.

All we have done is removed your blog from our tagging system to protect users who may inadvertently visit and see content which is mature in nature. We have many users here of all ages and all views but we have chosen – because of a lot of feedback – to have this label. It is there to protect other users, to protect your blog from complaints and to provide a safe environment for those casually browsing blogs here.
The ToS does cover the action I took.

We have not restricted your blog from search engines. Google has a much wider audience than we do and it has unfettered access.


Mark, we know Google can still get to these blogs. We’re not angry about that.

We’re angry about being outcast from the WordPress community. We’re angry about being singled out.

It’s our own problem if we get complaints. Also, if children are casually browsing the Sex tag, their parents should do a better job.

You can do better than this Mark.

After receiving the reply, Janie wrote back to Mark. We’re still waiting for the fallout.

I call bullshit.

Look through the sex tag for 5 minutes and you will find a ton of sites like mine listed. In fact, if you’re so concerned about adult content, why is there a sex tag in the first place? Why an erotica tag?

Kate and I are not the only ones writing adult material, but we seem to be the only ones being quashed.

Why? And why not explain your exact reasoning in public, in the thread set up specifically for that?

What specific violations of what specific rules brought you to your decision? Or was it just an arbitrary whim, as I and everyone else suspects?

Why was I not notified before being de-listed, or even after?

Why are none of the other adult blogs being de-listed?

Again, I call Bullshit.


3 Responses to “WordPress Defends Censorship”

  1. Thank you again for all the support you’ve given us. I’ve expressed my protest to this outrage in the form of a graphic that I would love to see passed around.

    You can find my graphic protest at Censored By WP.

    Kisses to you from bo’fus.

  2. The prudish insanity of the Puritanic taint of the US continues. Freddie Krueger with a fistful of intestines is fine, but one bare female nipple and it’s aneurysm time! “Think of the children!” WTF?

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