Matt Responds For WordPress Support


Matt, the ever prompt WordPress support guy, sent his response. In full:

We are not censoring the blogs.

We have taken a position that blogs which contain material which we determine is of a Mature nature will be removed from our tagging system.
This does not affect search engines.
Blogs marked Mature are open to every search engine.
They are not censored.

I have tried to explain to one of the blog owners.

We have around 700,000 users. Google has billions of searches a day. That is not censorship.

Our Terms of Service also cover our action.


What is censorship? Okay, maybe they didn’t obliterate them like they did to the two blogs Whore Church was trying to start. However, hiding them from the WordPress community’s main directory is definitely censorship.

As for their Terms of Service, that seemed like an afterthought. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear why?

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